Re: antihydrogen atoms

Date: Sat Feb 23 2002 - 15:15:59 MST

Yes, and it would also greatly, increase the cost. As we all have learned for
big projects, money is the mantra. Underground facilities might be a project
killer, plus environmental impact statements, plus the NOMC mentality (not on
my continent).

*What if a penning trap (with ah) was stolen?
*What if a demi-gram of antihydrogen turns up missing?
*What if the technology is stolen and used to generate antihydrogen in a
  antihydrogen research facility?

Perhaps in L-5 of even geosynchronous orbit is the proper place for a
propulsion fuel production facility? Lots of solar energy for acres of pv
cells, far enough away from an explosion, so that if it occured it would
merely be a spectacular industrial accident.I was only half-joking about the
lunar surface. It would be an excellent place, unless one generated something
over a 1/5th of a kilogram--then watch-out.

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