Re: virtual nation building

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Date: Sat Feb 23 2002 - 15:12:40 MST

2002.02.23 02:56:34, "Reason" <> wrote:

>So at that point, you have the real seed for a true virtual nation, one
>which could start to try for recognition by real nations through economic
>leverage and the traditional routes of extablishing exchange rates,
>legitimizing existing black and gray markets, etc, etc. It seems to me that
>this could head to a nice place to live a whole lot faster than building
>your own island or getting out of the gravity well.

What do we export? How would the being a citizen of this virtual nation work? Would it be my house/apartment
seceding from the US (or wherever)? How would that work if I was renting my home, or living with my parents (as
I do)?

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