Re: John Nash, proto-Extropian?

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 07:59:57 MST

>From: Richard Steven Hack <>

>So when you have a brain that thinks a million times as fast as a
>human brain, you want to totter around on two legs?

>People, when fully developed nanotech is here, there will be NO
>need for a human body or human brain as we know it. As Esfandiary
>said once, the human brain is like a mud-hut in Mexico - you can
>string pretty lights around it, move in some good-looking pigs,
>but it's still a mud-hut...

I think it's a matter of choice.

I think we will have the ability to completely change/augment our
bodies before we replace them.

I like having a body, but there are things I would change if I
could, having a nanoprocessor for augumented brainpower is just one

I think one of the future aesthetics might be who can be the most
augmented and still appear human. See Natasha's Primo page.

Back in the high school days everyone was into building cars that
looked like racecars, I built mine to look perfectly normal, and
outrun the rest...


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