EXTROPY: The Journal of Transhumanist Solutions -- re-launched today

From: Max More (max@maxmore.com)
Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 00:51:09 MST

E X T R O P Y :  The Journal of Transhumanist Solutions

Extropy magazine, founded in 1988, today is re-launched on Extropy Institute's website with a fresh, problem-solving focus.

Extropy: The Journal of Transhumanist Solutions has for years led the way in publishing the future-oriented thoughts of brilliantly innovative minds dedicated to overcoming limits to the human condition.

If you are already familiar with Extropy, you can jump straight to the new webpages:

Some of the issues and technologies covered include:
o       Transhumanism and futurist philosophy
o       Tools for future planning for individuals and organizations
o       Protocols for practical superlongevity
o       Superlongevity: science-based projections and planning for consequences
o       New directions in computation and human-computer interaction
o       Generalized cost-benefit consideration of emerging technologies
o       Protocols for augmenting your health and intelligence
o       Choosing rational values for the present and future
o       Critical thinking, effective reasoning and information-filtering
o       Understanding and thriving in the innovation economy
o       Opportunities and risks in the application of micro- and nanotechnology
o       Cultural and artistic means of conveying extropian values and solutions
o       Space development and exploration
o       Balancing spontaneous order and centralized organization in flexible social structures
o       Rational social decision-making
o       Self-transformative psychology for optimal functioning
o       Megascale engineering
o       Artificial intelligence: finding solutions, foreseeing implications

We welcome your comments, critiques, and contributions. Please send them to the Editor, Ziana Astralos: <ziana@extrotech.net>


Max More

Max More, Ph.D.
max@maxmore.com or more@extropy.org
Strategic Philosopher
President, Extropy Institute. http://www.extropy.org <more@extropy.org>

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