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Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 17:46:36 MST

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> >>Brian D Williams wrote:
>I've recently discovered how complex the area of fragrances is,
>it's normal for a fragrance to have two or even three separate
>presentations, the chemistry gets quite complex.

>My longtime favorites: Old Spice, and Jovan Musk.

Mid-Western Man thru-and-thru!

Here: I'm Envy, Aspen and Contradiction.
Name my State.

My attempt at Eau d'Extrope:
(meshing previous offerings)

Commission Chihuly for the blown glass
-smoked glass cube
-encasing a pearlized chaosphere
-four pairs of double-helixed-like semi-permeable tubings, connecting to
opposing vertices of the cube
-each pair: one tubing from high to low concentration
-----the other tubing from low to high concentration

Self-configuring scent assembler
-bio-dipsticks with a drop of armpit sweat from each (giver/receiver)
-sex/gender irrelevant
-#attractors/#attractees insignificant
-insert into SCSA

-Carrier oil = Grapeseed Oil

Pure Being:
Pure Becoming:
 From Ascending:

Earth=Angelica.Fertility/Ginger.Longevity/Clary Sage.Clarity/

Thunder=Hyssop.Creativity/Bay Laurel.Prophetic Dreams.Self-Awareness/Sandalwood

Fire=Juniper Berry.Empowering Determination/Balsam Fir.Grounded Mind/Clove Bud/

Lake=Cardamon.Contentment/Cedarwood.Transformative Certainty/Chamomile.Calm

Heavens=Basil.Awakening//Rosemary.Remembered Destiny/YlangYlang/

Wind&Wood=Jasmine.Harmonious Desire/Myrrh.Transcendental/

Water=Immortalle.Everlasting/Palmarosa.stimulate cellular regeneration/Rose
Maroc-Nurturing Heart/

Vision/Patchouli.Grounded Stability/

:To Descending
So, a little bit o something for everyone.
'course, we need to add Spikenard (Sweet Surrender) in there somewhere!

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