Re: EXTROPY: The Fragrance?

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 08:07:39 MST

>From: Anders Sandberg <>

>>Brian D Williams wrote:
>> Okay what does the fragrance "Extropy" smell like? What does the
>> container look like? I understand containers that make idle
>> playthings on ones desk are in vogue...

>Something bright and clear - maybe with a hint of citrus?

Sounds like "Tommy" (original) by Tommy Hilfiger.

You might also try:

"Chemistry" by Clinique
"Allure" by Chanel
"Polo Sport" by Ralph Lauren

I've recently discovered how complex the area of fragrances is,
it's normal for a fragrance to have two or even three separate
presentations, the chemistry gets quite complex.

And these fragrances are for daytime, Nighttime generally requires
the Musks, spices, and woodsy fragrances.

My longtime favorites: Old Spice, and Jovan Musk.

>As for a container, why not something like a chaosphere?

Since we'd need a number of containers for both the daytime/evening
and men/women/intra lines how about the platonic solids?

In the article I mentioned they came up with a blown glass inverted
truncated cone with an inner container and an amber-like top. The
container would scroll around in a circle when bumped.


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National Rifle Association,, 1.800.672.3888
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