Re: Can / Should Extropians be Organ Donors?

Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 17:13:52 MST

Tom Andrys writes:
> The option has recently arisen to me to become an organ donor. I
> am a devout extropian in thought, and am trying to practice what is
> preached. So, for my decision, I turn to the largest collection of caring
> intellectuals available to me; you, my fellow Extropians. So I propose:
> is organ donation a valid, adhering extropian pursuit?

Unfortunately, organ donation is presently incompatible with electing
cryonic suspension. Here is a good article by then-Alcor President Steve
Bridge, explaining the reasons. Steve suggests pre-death donations of
blood and possibly bone marrow as an alternative way to help others who
would otherwise die.


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