Can / Should Extropians be Organ Donors?

From: Tom Andrys (
Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 16:30:30 MST

The option has recently arisen to me to become an organ donor. I am a devout
extropian in thought, and am trying to practice what is preached. So, for my
decision, I turn to the largest collection of caring intellectuals available to
me; you, my fellow Extropians.
So I propose: is organ donation a valid, adhering extropian pursuit?

I would assume that the basic, preliminary response to be "absolutly" because
of the logic behind recycling (of organs). Also,one would be extending (and
improving the quality of)a fellow being's life.

Of course, this is all assuming my body (at least the unusable parts, and the
brain)will be kept in cryrostasis until I can be "recovered". This is a risk
because, in my mind, hacking the body apart for scrap and at the same time
trying to preserve it might not work so well. What if, in the process of
removing my occular organs, they snip or tear out a vital part of my
nervous/sensory system? (Im thinking Occipital lobe and optical nerve here)
Also, this is assuming that there WILL be replacement organs available to me
upton thawing, but what if the Government denies companies the ability to grow
human tissue on moral grounds?I might be walking around with a permanent kidney
dialysis machine if my kidneys had been donated. . .

- Tom Andrys

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