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> I should also add that my comments don't do justice to the recent and
> continuing US success of sf by Aussies Sean Williams and Shane Dix,
> although their interstellar venues are not noticeably Australian. Another
> who's done moderately well, even when using a non-Yank setting, is Sean
> McMullen's `Calculor' sequence set in a distant future Oz. (What's *with*
> these given names? A mystery not to be revealed to outlanders.) On the
> other hand, the much awarded Terry Dowling, whose sf closely echoes the
> gritty poetry of Cordwainer Smith and Jack Vance, simply can't get his
> looked at. Why not? Hard not to suppose some of the resistance is his
> profoundly Australian settings. True, his stories have a tendency to be
> color and emotion and not much plot resolution, but that hasn't hurt a
> number of successful American writers.
I do notice this as well. My example of an SF work which may have suffered
because of Australian settings is M. K. Wren (Martha K Renfroe) "The Phoenix
Legacy" which I think is a wonderful work of SF but is long out of print
with no sign of its ever being revived. Steve Davies

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