Australian sf in Yankville (2)

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Tue Feb 19 2002 - 20:45:41 MST

I should also add that my comments don't do justice to the recent and
continuing US success of sf by Aussies Sean Williams and Shane Dix,
although their interstellar venues are not noticeably Australian. Another
who's done moderately well, even when using a non-Yank setting, is Sean
McMullen's `Calculor' sequence set in a distant future Oz. (What's *with*
these given names? A mystery not to be revealed to outlanders.) On the
other hand, the much awarded Terry Dowling, whose sf closely echoes the
gritty poetry of Cordwainer Smith and Jack Vance, simply can't get his work
looked at. Why not? Hard not to suppose some of the resistance is his
profoundly Australian settings. True, his stories have a tendency to be all
color and emotion and not much plot resolution, but that hasn't hurt a
number of successful American writers.

Damien Shorn Broderick
[with a collegial tip of the hat to Sean Williams, who's lately been
sampling the ambience here]

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