Re: EXTROPY: The Fragrance?

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 09:20:06 MST

Brian D Williams wrote:
> Okay, we're a little too analytical around here today.
> I just finished an essay from Veronique Vienne's book "Something to
> be Desired" where she talks about an assignment she was given to
> come up with a fragrance for the magazine "Mirabelle".
> Okay what does the fragrance "Extropy" smell like? What does the
> container look like? I understand containers that make idle
> playthings on ones desk are in vogue...

Would the container be a static or dynamic object? Dynamic, obviously.
High tech, so part of it involves ionization, producing negative ions
for mood boosting and pollution elimination, and the scent would contain
nootropic compounds to boost the users IQ, pheromones to boost their sex
appeal, and is otherwise customizable to the individual's personality

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