Projections: BT Technology Timeline

From: Robert J. Bradbury (
Date: Mon Feb 18 2002 - 16:27:45 MST

Some of the people on the list may find this URL of interest:

Its 20+ pages of futuretech predictions.

I'm not "that" impressed. I think we've already got
"Intelligent robotic pets" (to some extent) and they
were predicting that for 2005.

There are ~10 instances of nanotech or nanotechnology.

I think they may be a bit off on their "immortaility chip-
people move into cyberspace" since thats not projected
to occur until 2100. And since it comes after the invention
of time travel and faster than light travel, they obviously
aren't doing a good job separating the "mere" engineering
problems from the requires new physics class of problems.

Ah, well -- but at least they are thinking about the subjects.


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