RE: AI:This is how we do it

From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Mon Feb 18 2002 - 16:13:47 MST

Eliezer S. Yudkowsky wrote,
> Harvey Newstrom wrote:
> > This is one problem I have had with your published material.
> I'm currently working on a piece with references intended for more usual
> publication. Hopefully that will be an easier read for the experts once a
> draft is available. And I do use more standard terminology now
> than I did in
> the old days, and define it better, or so I hope.

It sounds like you are already addressing my concerns. I am glad that my
complaint did not catch you by surprise or sound like unfounded criticism to

> we have determined that SIAI's current
> priority is to place the ideas in a form where a solid project could be
> initiated immediately on funding being available - i.e., more
> internal design documents, not more publications, not more evangelism.

This would be very interesting to see. Do you have any of these design
documents done yet? I would probably pay money for a chance to review these
to get an "inside" view of your work. I would gladly sign any
non-disclosure agreements as required to protect your interests.

If these designs are not done yet, do you have a prioritized list of what
design documents need to be developed, possibly with a project-plan

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