Re: AGING: perhaps we are over the hump

From: Dan Clemmensen (
Date: Sun Feb 17 2002 - 20:29:39 MST

jeff davis wrote:

> Below is a list of the top ten causes of accidental
> death. Now ask yourself how many of these can be
> eliminated by technological means? Specifically,
> ubiquitous smart surveillance, ubiquitous smart
> objects, and ubiquitous communication and cooperation
> between/among these, seem to substantially reduce
> (eliminate?) these problems. Accidental death is
> almost entirely the result of "operator error" ie
> human screwup. With "AI Bodyguard" (TM) watching over
> you to keep you safe, what other risks remain than
> deliberate human violence and sudden unanticipated
> natural disaster?

In the postulated timeframe (1000+ years) the following
list is meaningful only to humans who for some reason have
explicitly decided to remain in human bodies. Even these
rustics (if they exist) will have reconfigurable MNT at
whatever level they choose. For the following, I assume
that each human will have 20 KG of reconfigurable MNT:
(MNT==Molecular nanotechnology) I cannot think of a plausible
scenario in which we die only by accident but have not
achieved MNT.

> 1. Motor vehicle crashes Deaths per year: 43,200

reconfigure your MNT into a personal conveyance/body armor
much faster stronger, lighter and safer that a car. Since
most car travel is rendered unnecessary (no drive to work,
transport kids, get groceries) less exposure. crashes reduced
to almost zero. If there is a crash, MNT instantly reconfigures into
a perfect airbag in the perfect position--zero deaths.

> 2. Falls Deaths per year: 14,900

MNT "clothing" instantly reconfigures into airbag (for short
falls) or into a parachute and an airbag for longer falls.
The MNT surrounding the object you are falling onto (a major contributor
in most such accidents) also reconfigures into an airbag.

> 3. Poisoning by solids and liquids D/year: 8,600

most poisoning happens to children below age four. This is a
trivial percentage of a 1000+ year lifespan, and little kids
will surely be cherished, with lots of extra protection. Even
ignoring MNT medicine (which is a LOT harder than mots MNT,
advertising hype notwithstanding) a kid's MNT can still
disassemble and re-assemble all foods the kid tries to eat,
as the kid is eating it. No poisons.

> 4. Drowning Deaths per year: 4,000

MNT reconfigures to a smart life preserver. Most drowning deaths
are young children. See above. MNT can also reconfigure to
create gill membranes as a matter of normal operation, not just
in an emergency

> 5. Fires and burns Deaths per year: 3,700

Smart structures don't burn.

> 6. Suffocation Deaths per year: 3,300

Mostly kids and bedclothes. Smart bedclothes don't
smother people.

> 7. Firearms Deaths per year: 1,500

The actual accidents in this category won't happen with
firearms that are even a little bit smart. mis-reported
suicides are a different problem.

> 8. Poisoning by gases Deaths per year: 700

Usually associated with faulty backup heating systems, for
which there is no need given MNT.

> 9. Medical & Surgical Complications and Misadventures
> Deaths per year: 500

This one is complex, we started with an assumption of
life limited only by accidents, so presumable most
medical procedures go away.

> 10. Machinery Deaths per year: 350

Mostly work-related. MNT should reduce to zero the need
for this type of machinery.

Of course the big problem with the above is the attempt to
keep the lifestyle constant in today's terms while adding
MNT. In my opinion, A society of that accepts MNT but remains
meat humans is highly artificial.

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