Re: Invasion of the Meme Snatchers

From: Mark Walker (
Date: Fri Feb 15 2002 - 14:32:04 MST

Dameme Broderick wrote:
> They don't seem to have been terribly successful so far (that is, the
> suggestion is NOT `logically compatible with all the evidence we now
> possess'), since the abduction meme is to be found on every news stand.
> True, their cunning plan might be to render sightings ridiculous, but why
> bother if they can selectively zap evidence and even memories? And if they
> can't, what sort of pathetic half-arsed memovores *are* these critters?
1. Their job is only to remove true positives--so the sightings you are
referring to are not sightings of ETs. (Since we are in a zoo they don't
want to upset our natural environment, which naturally includes a lot of
false positives).
2. We are already at equilibrium: if they destroy too many reports it
requires more energy to keep a lid on things. I don't know, would SETI
research be further along today if historically there were fewer flakes
claiming to have been abducted?
3. We are being slowly acclimated to the galactic environment.
4. They are running an experiment on epistemic trust.
5. Just for the sheer joy of fucking with us.
6. And the crowd pleaser: to what sort of pathetic half-arsed memovores
*are* these Critters? They are government-worker nanobots.

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