Re: Invasion of the Meme Snatchers

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Fri Feb 15 2002 - 20:38:34 MST

At 05:48 AM 2/15/02 -0500, Mark Walker wrote:

>Suppose this process is not perfect and occasionally humans become cognizant
>of some evidence of the existence of ETs. The question I am wondering is
>whether there is any principled reason why the nanobots could not also
>selectively destroy the associated human memories.

Oh my god, the Meme in Black!

They don't seem to have been terribly successful so far (that is, the
suggestion is NOT `logically compatible with all the evidence we now
possess'), since the abduction meme is to be found on every news stand.
True, their cunning plan might be to render sightings ridiculous, but why
bother if they can selectively zap evidence and even memories? And if they
can't, what sort of pathetic half-arsed memovores *are* these critters?

Damien Broderick

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