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I ask to Mike Lorrey:

What negative experience have you had with drugs ? (directly or indirectly)
Have you ever used any ?

If the answer to the first question is anything but "none", please share. We
are here to discuss, not to destroy other's arguments.
If the answer to the second question is 'no', it would be wise for you to
'chill' when discussing that topic. You're not knowledgeable enough on the
topic at hand.
And just reading books and papers don't mean shit in this case. You cannot
'attack' users without having been one and you cannot attack them AFTER
having been one yourself. If you just have a pretty 'tough' stance but do
not explain why, people might label you as a 'troll', just like it's done
on Slashdot on in newsgroups/mailing lists etc... I'm sure you actually want
to discuss things, don't you ?
In that case, you still need to start...

*sweet smile*



PS: Amara is big enough to defend herself, but reading her words and having
followed the discussion, I could not help but step in.

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> >Amara Graps wrote:
> >> Mike Lorrey:
> >> >Nor do I consider all drug users to be addicts, which you seem to be
> >> >assuming.
> >>
> >> ??
> >> Not at all. I said
> >> "As an adult, each makes his/her own decision as to whether to expose
> >> themself to that drug, and one measures the potential good/harm
> >> against their own personal form of measure."
> >
> >Yes. You are, though, making the assumption that a person remains an
> >adult while impaired.
> Mike, please look at your discussion style. I almost never respond
> or read your posts on this list, because I don't like your discussion
> style, in addition to rarely agreeing with your words. I really don't
> think that it's necessary for me to say a second time. For the record,
> I do not consider all drug users to be addicts.
> Amara
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