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From: Amara Graps (
Date: Thu Feb 14 2002 - 01:51:19 MST

From: Mike Lorrey <>
>Amara Graps wrote:
>> Mike Lorrey:
>> >Nor do I consider all drug users to be addicts, which you seem to be
>> >assuming.
>> ??
>> Not at all. I said
>> "As an adult, each makes his/her own decision as to whether to expose
>> themself to that drug, and one measures the potential good/harm
>> against their own personal form of measure."
>Yes. You are, though, making the assumption that a person remains an
>adult while impaired.

Mike, please look at your discussion style. I almost never respond
or read your posts on this list, because I don't like your discussion
style, in addition to rarely agreeing with your words. I really don't
think that it's necessary for me to say a second time. For the record,
I do not consider all drug users to be addicts.


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