Re: WTC UFO stuff translation!

Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 13:16:25 MST

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> The image of the UFO which approaches a helicopter suddenly from the world
> trade center where it is caught in ? It is ?? from that image. ? July,
> 2000.
> It feels agreement in the appearance event of this UFO and the terrorism
> event.
> It is very near the appearance position of the UFO and the collision
> position of the aircraft.
> It thought suddenly, and a shock was received personally though the image
> of
> the color edition of the "UFO image that the helicopter" that Mr./Ms. the

     This was exactly my thought when I first saw the helecopter film. I have
been trying to confirm the exact position of the UFO in conjuction with the
north tower.
       Rumours have already started about this link with the position and the
obvious ensuing conspiracy theories are emerging.
       Currently im happy that the impact/ufo footage shows nothing more than
a fly. As for the 2000 film ?. very impressive.
here's the link again.

Big pinch of salt at the ready.


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