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Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 11:25:00 MST

There are a few words that Ryo didn't get, and it's a fairly literal translation... but better
than nothing.

  The object which flew in super-high speed was caught by the image of the bad
  dream on world trade center ?? September 11, 2001 to collapse by the super-
  high-speed UFO ? 01.09.16 ? terrorism of the rice terrorism image.

  It let me make it an article with the news because there was discovery that
  it wasn't transmitted though it had resistance to take up this event which
  many victims were taken out to.
  ?? sacrifice ? part ?? mercy ?? image ? ridge ??? aircraft ?? back ??

  ? black ? smoke ? ridge ?? the sky ?? a moment
      It is at the back from the building, and has considerable size, and it
  seems that the object is moved at a far faster speed than the aircraft at
  the back of the oblique right.

  Though it seems to be ? that it is slender, a missile, too, when it has a
  look, as for fire ??, it can't think of ?? missile at this moment, and a
  fact isn't transmitted, either.
  It has the possibility which is more than one object from seeing some lumps

  when it tries to expand (However, even if it is a missile, it feels too
  fast.), too.

  But there was one fear ? ?? which might be a possibly serious image ?.
  It is that this object isn't reflected by other images.

  How should I interpret this?
  object is small, and it is the thing which passed through the neighborhood
  of the camera.
    Actually, the object moved at high speed is the supposition which is

  intuitively easy to accept from the experience near here.
    But, how it is seen, it seems that an object appears from behind the
  building as for the image.
  object is huge, and it is splashing through the place to leave a building.

    It cannot but think like this if it is a fact to appear from behind the
    But, the proof that it is proved is necessary. ?? then, ?? The second
  image existed.

  Only one could be found when the thing this object was reflected ? the
  second collision image introduced to the public abundantly ? was looked for
  ? the ? second image ? ?.
  An image catches an aircraft from the right, and it is moved and takes a

  moment to collide No.2 to the ridge.
  <An aircraft approaches with this image just before the building.> ? a
  (yellow mark) ? goes to the building, and it is understood that there is an
  object (a red mark) to stand on the way in the air when it flies.

  An object goes out from the sight because a camera is moved to the left
  after this.
  But, that back, ?? Even the about size of the body almost approaches the
  aircraft that the right is four times expansion of the object ? the object

  which approaches it suddenly ? ? a (yellow mark) ? just before the building.

  It collides with the building from there, and a body disappears completely
  into the building.
  The object (a red mark) which appeared from the right end of the image

  almost approaches with the body of 767 right after the building ? the
  aircraft ? ? the distance ? while it is moved because it is 48m.
  Objects are the characteristics that 4 times were common to the object of
  the 1st image by 2-3 lump-shaped from the expansion image.

  It is composed of more than one object.
    An object passes through the side which an explosion spreads out in No.2
  in the ridge.
  You may seem to presume both timing and a movement direction the same object

  from corresponding to the object of the first image.
  It was probably caught around the third frame and the fourth frame from the
  top by ???? of the first image.
  The movement of this object is very special.

  It flies in super-high speed to wave in top and bottom.
  Keep it by all the frame ?GIF animate cartoons 388KB a path all frames <An
  actual image ? is high speed beyond the double of the GIF animate cartoon.>
  ???????? ? right click, and see it.

  It is made "??" in the first image, by the second image, this, with the "You
  must not be here." object
  It is made to believe a certain thing.
  As for this, a difficult image might be introduced to the public.

  The image of the UFO which approaches a helicopter suddenly from the world
  trade center where it is caught in ? It is ?? from that image. ? July, 2000.

  It feels agreement in the appearance event of this UFO and the terrorism

  It is very near the appearance position of the UFO and the collision
  position of the aircraft.
  It thought suddenly, and a shock was received personally though the image of
  the color edition of the "UFO image that the helicopter" that Mr./Ms. the

  indication of ????? ?? was being analyzed is approached suddenly was
  In that film, in the ..... beginning, UFO, though it comes to the sight from
  behind WTC, ..... like around the place an airplane is thought to rush in

  the case of the simultaneous American frequent occurrence terrorism of the
  other day.
  Moreover, a UFO approaches it suddenly after that, and ? is minded, and it
  seems to give it a ? feeling, too.

  What does this mean?
  It thinks certainly too much, ??????.
  It felt a terrible thing because it was just recently that it was introduced
  to the public though nothing could be said because it didn't know this ?

  which film ?.
    When it tries to verify an image there, the position of the ?? UFO of the
  ridge (the one with the antenna) is a little on the black zone No.1.
  Though a collision position to the ridge is very the top from this, it

  passes behind the ridge No.1, and the position of the aircraft which
  collided No.2 to the ridge is the same as the altitude which a UFO was ?????
  ?? No.1.
     Preparation for the terrorism has been begun with the information that

  the man presumed executive ? has gone to American pilot school since about
  July, 2000 being since this time.
  Then, as for the UFO which raised warning, it is ?? that it was being
  watched ? the world trade center from the day ?.

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