RE: Bye-Bye to the >H Right Wing --> no cash allowed

From: Amara Graps (
Date: Tue Feb 12 2002 - 12:34:56 MST

>Anyhow. "War on *" = stupid. Not even evil, just stupid, stupid,
>stupid. We live in a sick, controlling society that encourages denial
>and a lack of responsibility, can't look beyond tomorrow, curtails
>freedoms for idiot reasons and looks more and more like the worst of
>Europe. Career politicians are a major source of stupidity, popularity
>contents are no way to run a society. Blah, blah, blah, heard it all
>before, possibly even from me, what are we going to do about it?

Once upon a time in my (alot) younger days, I planned a libertarian
community with a group of friends in Boulder, Colorado where we (15 of
us) would build and live following our libertarian (Friedman, Hayak,
etc.) principles, trade services (such as teach each other's kids,
'sell' our skills), using our own currency with each other, and so
on. We never actually did it, with the exception of using only our own
money with each other for awhile, but we had great fun putting the
pieces together about how it would work.

To answer your 'what are we going to do about it?', at the moment, I
can only give the lame response: "remove the State as much as possible
from your daily life."

(Filling in the details are left to imaginative reader :-} )


BTW: One large reason among several for me deciding not to return to
live in the U.S. is the U.S government's current "War on *"
stupidities. There's a bit more sane attitude about that nonsense in
Europe. But maybe not for long.

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