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Date: Thu Feb 07 2002 - 08:31:49 MST

>From: Mike Lorrey <>

>Yes, a mercantilist oligarchy is an apt description of a large
>chunck of the national government and big business, while the
>majority of business is still a free market (since most businesses
>are and employees work for small businesses involved in
>local/regional trade. Keep in mind that large scale labor brokers
>(i.e. so-called labor unions) are also properly classified as
>mercantilist oligarchs (since their members have little choice in
>joining or not, and have no voice in how their membership dues are
>spent on bribing politicians), while other special interests, the
>so-called NGO's, purport to have their members interests in mind,
>but are generally just for anything that for-profit businesses
>are against, and vice versa, with a few exceptions, like the NRA,
>the Red Cross, etc..

A slight correction...

Unions cannot spend member money directly on political causes.
However unions due try to collect money ($3.00 a quarter) for the
PAC, which is used for political purposes.

You can deduct the PAC from your dues and members like myself who
do not blindly support a political party, do.

The book I mentioned awhile back "The Rule of Three" goes into why
in a mature market there will be three main generalist competitors
with niche players catering to speciality markets. An emergent
behavior of markets.

Effectively an oligarchy.


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