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Date: Mon Feb 11 2002 - 14:43:48 MST


    Wolfe divides nanotech mavens into two categories. "There is
    a scale that moves from left to right," he said. "There are
    the 'cosa nostra,' or the 'mental enthusiasts'--like (Ray)
    Kurzweil--the extropians and the transhumanists," and then
    there are the down-to-earth folks, trying to "de-nanobot" the

    On the more far-out side, one business proposal Wolfe recently
    saw involved cryogenically freezing the deceased and bringing
    them back with nanobots in the future.

    As far as Wolfe is concerned, any technology based on the
    "Drexlerian vision of nanotech"--that is, the self-replicating
    assembler--should be put in its place.

    These far-out ideas should "promote ethical debates and get
    people involved," but "investors should not be looking at that
    type of thing," he said.

A bit of a slam, but the last paragraph is certainly true for nearly
all investors. Nanodot had an article recently warning that nanotech
funding could disappear quickly if it doesn't meet overhyped short
term expectations a la AI in the 80s:

The ExI link <http://www.extropy.org/extprn3.htm> obtains a 404,
someone ought to make that redirect to the homepage perhaps.

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