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From: Sabine Atkins (
Date: Mon Feb 11 2002 - 14:12:28 MST

Thank you so much for posting this, Hal :-)
I'm only in the beginning of _Ventus_ - and I'm absolutely sucked in already. Ok, I jump
back into lurk mode now: I've to read this book as quickly as possible so that I can
borrow it to Eliezer. (He's my neighbour)

2/11/02 4:13:59 PM, wrote:

>I'm about halfway through reading Ventus, the first novel by Canadian
>writer Karl Schroeder, out in paperback. It seems to be well written and
>makes a good try at depicting a future in which ordinary human beings,
>enhanced demigods, and super-human AIs all live together.

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