Re: UFO at WTC 9/11

From: Arona Ndiaye (
Date: Mon Feb 11 2002 - 12:32:03 MST

Greetings !!!!!!!!!! *huge grin*

I cannot translate... Which changes nothing to the fact that people like
seeing faces/stuff in smoke, clouds, tea leaves, or dried sea shells (my
Senegalese grandma does weird stuff with those sea shells). There's another
pic on da net showing what looks like an evil face in the clouds of smoke
spiraling up in the sky above the twin towers. My question is:
What's the point of caring about UFOs if we have no proof ? Before you start
about 'proof', this is what I mean:
standing next to an active volcano, nobody would feel too confident about
not getting burned by hot lava. You'll never hear someone (unless they're
into tea leaves, LSD what have you... yeah, just kidding) doubt that
standing next to an active volcano is dangerous. Volcanoes have been
observed, studied, are still being observed and studied... It has been
proved that lava burns...I used to love 'anything' even vaguely
mystical/paranormal as a teen... I gave up when I realized what I could do
with the 'normal' *laughing*

*Arona after a nice dinner and a glass of red wine, feeling quite
'ooooooooooooooooh' coz he's not really a drinker and is
quitting everything: cigarettes + THC (cannabis) + MDMA.... Yeah... 8 years
of Cannabis, 15 years of cigarettes, 6 years of MDMA (Xtacee / Ecstasy or
however it's spelled nowadays)... Feel like a bull... I could probably
headbutt a bull right now hehehe*

PS: I, for one, find it hard to believe that 'anyone' could even think of
aliens/UFOs in this case. I mean for Arona's sakes: thousands died...Can't
we at least think about it rationally ? Why involve UFOs etc ??? It would
even be easier to believe that both towers were blown by Americans in order
to get certain laws passed ( I almost do sometimes ). But UFOs ???

PS2: Anyone knows how to assemble/disassemble an Hitachi hard disk : model
DK23AA-12 ? Even pics would do... Mine died or is playing dead... Can't
code... using my wife/girlfriend's PC (for email) which runs Windows
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh... *misses his Debian distro*

*waves to each and everyone*
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> Can anyone translate?
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