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Date: Mon Feb 11 2002 - 15:59:05 MST

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> Can anyone translate?
> -Mike

       I did a search and there are a few sites with copies of the animation
but nothing with any more details. Also found some guff about seizmic waves
causing the collapse, CIA responsible yadda yadda.

       I did find a great RealVideo clip of a UFO next to the WTC before 911.
<A HREF="">>
I'm not sure when this was shot/Made or who by etc, but it is on the SCI-FI
channels web site. so have a large pinch of salt at the ready.

 Its taken from a helecopter and It shows a UFO/blob/bird/flying fish etc
next to one of the towers. The object then jumps/streaks out of shot and is
picked up again by the camera. It then streaks up into the air leaving a
excellent con trail.
At first glance, this is a very impressive clip, all the angles seem to add
up and it doesn't seem to have the usuall "staged" feel.

       As for the clip on the Japenese sight, If the object wasn't caught by
any other cameras, which seems to be the case. Then I would place a heafty
wedge of cash on it being a fly coming past the camera.

UFO's responsible for 911 ?. me thinks not
unless UFO stands for "Unfriendly Foreign Obsesives"


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