Re: RE: changing traffic lights by the force of your personality

From: Michael Wiik (
Date: Mon Feb 11 2002 - 09:22:44 MST

animated silicon love doll <> wrote:

> >Chesh, if you want to try to accumulate a bit of proof, try logging the
> >exact amount of greens vs reds, maybe with a measurement of how long you
> >wait at the red. Get some non-magickal friends in the same area who use
> >similar routes to do the same. Compare notes. You could even try turning
> >them red vs turning them green to see if you can get a measurable
> >difference.
> Hmm. I should try that. Once the Olympics are gone and I start leaving the house....

Don't do it, Chesh! Most likely you won't find any measurable
difference, get turned off on magick, and get stuck at red lights for
the rest of your life. Once you start trying to pin it down, it'll go
away. Magick doesn't gel with empirical investigation.

Chances are almost certain anyway that we're living in a simulation,
where bored programmers amuse themselves by letting reality slip a
little for some people who are open to the flow. Generally, this means
extropians are excluded. It'd cause too many aberrations if they let it
slip for those engaged in any kind of scientific work. Aberrations mean
long days of work tweaking reality below the surface such that the
anomaly gets all logically explained in some theoretical paper written
by a physicist in Turkey a week before the observed event.



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