56'th update on fly longevity experiments -

From: Phil Osborn (philosborn@altavista.com)
Date: Sat Feb 09 2002 - 17:05:40 MST

Hey Doug (Doug Skrecky (oberon@vcn.bc.ca):

I keep seeing these interesting postings re your fly experiments. Do you have a complete report available somewhere? Also, you keep mentioning viral load as a major factor and the use of elderberry juice.

So, is there a downside to using elderberry extract or juice for humans? Or is it just the expense? I chanced upon a year's supply of the extract for free a few month's back - nutrition store near to where I work apparently went out of business and just dumped boxes full of supplements, generally a few months out of date, but certainly still viable - and took a tablespoon per day during the early flu season. I didn't catch a single cold! After the holidays, I stopped taking the extract and shortly acquired that nasty 2 week bug that's been going around. Just anecdotal of course - so, what is the state of research on elderberry as an anti-viral. Should we all be taking it???

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