Re: ExI BBS...

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Sat Feb 09 2002 - 17:21:17 MST

Ziana Astralos wrote:
> On Sat, 09 February 2002, Mike Lorrey wrote:
> > Thanks for sending the password. When I logged in,
> > first off I had to resize the browser so I could see
> > your email and the browser screen at the same time
> > so I could type in the ungainly password, because the
> > browser doesn't let you cut and paste information
> > into a password field.
> > ...
> Oh? What are you using? With IE*/Win* I've never had
> any problems pasting in passwords.

Well, I'm permanently logged in, now, so it doesn't seem to be a
problem. Password fields in forms are not supposed to be pastable under
the HTML standard, for security reasons.

However, another problem is that the eteria and jpilot chat clients only
display about 40 pixels of the left side of the client (I'm using
Netscape 4.77)

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