Re: Ashcroft Antics

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Thu Feb 07 2002 - 03:18:50 MST

Cory Przybyla wrote:

>>I don't like Reno or Ashcroft or the creature we
>>have for a
>>president. I don't at all like what the USA has
>>become and is
>>becoming. I dearly love what it was intended to be.
> Asuming we agree that it was intended to be a
> democratic nation:

Actually, it was intended as a democratic republic, the republic
part meaning that certain things were not matters of democratic
vote at all, like individual rights.

> Sadly, IMO, the intentions were at best only
> conceptually anything great. Democracy at its finest
> can guarantee the liberties of the majority and those
> who they favor. In theory, if human logic evolved as
> was hoped in the age of reason, the majority would be
> unified under goals benefiting the maximum possible
> number of humans.

It was never the intention of the founders that any majority
could run roughshod over minorities.

> In America's current state however the majority pushes
> for extreme vengence as much in the courts as abroad,
> petty selfish lifestyles, and looks the other way at
> the *sometimes* dark truths of the nation's actions.
> The majority wants unfettered and blind nationalism to
> avoid the pains of independant (and hence often
> lonely) thought.

The majority is not even conscious enough (my design I believe)
to even be said to want anything in particular. It simply does
not oppose or goes along with what is pushed in front of it.

> This majority under any standard is poorly educated
> and easily manipulated. Right now I believe Bush's,

By design.

> Ashcroft's (in the past maybe Reno's) goals will
> reflect the thoughts of the majority since they helped
> forge the image in their minds to begin with. To me
> this is the nature and intention of democracy no
> matter how sour and depressing it may seem.

It has less to do with democracy than it has to do with the
purposeful manipulation and crafting of the mass pysche.

- samantha

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