Re: Ashcroft Antics

From: Cory Przybyla (
Date: Thu Feb 07 2002 - 01:15:52 MST

> I don't like Reno or Ashcroft or the creature we
> have for a
> president. I don't at all like what the USA has
> become and is
> becoming. I dearly love what it was intended to be.

Asuming we agree that it was intended to be a
democratic nation:

Sadly, IMO, the intentions were at best only
conceptually anything great. Democracy at its finest
can guarantee the liberties of the majority and those
who they favor. In theory, if human logic evolved as
was hoped in the age of reason, the majority would be
unified under goals benefiting the maximum possible
number of humans.

In America's current state however the majority pushes
for extreme vengence as much in the courts as abroad,
petty selfish lifestyles, and looks the other way at
the *sometimes* dark truths of the nation's actions.
The majority wants unfettered and blind nationalism to
avoid the pains of independant (and hence often
lonely) thought.

This majority under any standard is poorly educated
and easily manipulated. Right now I believe Bush's,
Ashcroft's (in the past maybe Reno's) goals will
reflect the thoughts of the majority since they helped
forge the image in their minds to begin with. To me
this is the nature and intention of democracy no
matter how sour and depressing it may seem.

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