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Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 20:48:41 MST

Anyone read this wooly headed article? It was featured on Slashdot
yesterday. Hmm...,6903,644002,00.html
"Is evolution over? Are current humans the final version? This article
presents a number of interesting theories, including the theory that 'Our
species has reached its biological pinnacle and is no longer capable of
changing.' Professor Steve Jones believes this, in part, because 'human
populations are now being constantly mixed, again producing a blending that
blocks evolutionary change.'"


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> > James Rogers replied:
> > > I can't speak for your country, but in the U.S. your
> assumptions would
> > > simply be wrong. Nearly all the wealthy people in this
> > > country are entirely
> > > self-made, and the majority of those achieved wealth as
> > > blue-collar workers
> > > who were not born into the vaguest semblance of privilege.
> (What was it Rod Serling used to say at the beginning of
> those old Twilight
> Zone episodes: "Submitted for your ...") Anyway, here is a
> quote from Gore
> Vidal (it's not science, it's certainly not 100% correct, but
> there seems to
> be a ring of truth ...):
> "The more money an American accumulates, the less interesting
> he becomes."
> Olga

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