RE: Bye-Bye to the >H Right Wing

From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Sun Feb 03 2002 - 10:16:14 MST

Miriam English wrote,
> You know what is the strangest thing? The people who foam most
> strongly at
> the mouth when screeching about the evils of society are those who have
> benefitted most from it. Those who have been born into the richer
> classes,
> who have gained their wealth and knowledge from countless generations
> before them, demand that they alone be recognised as being the
> creators of
> their good fortune and that they are damned if they will share it with
> anybody else.

I believe that this is because they have the mistaken belief that life is a
zero-sum game. They cannot conceive of the poor getting more money without
them losing theirs.

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