Re: Christmas Quiz results (was "this quiz'll crottle your greeps")

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Sat Feb 02 2002 - 20:45:22 MST

At 07:21 PM 2/2/02 -0800, Chris wrote:

>The results of the Christmas Quiz are out

Hey, cool!

>One of the ones
>I chimed in on (Lone Star's flower) was incorrect. It should have been
>Bluebonnet. I didn't notice any of our Texans correcting us on that.

Barbara knew it, of course; maybe she didn't post it to the list.

>The whole thing leaves me with almost as many questions as answers.
>Other than the sections that are obviously obvious only to Brits (and
>others who still have ties to the empire, Damien?)

It's mostly a mystery to me, matey.

>And what is section 13 about?

Godnose, but...

>13 Uncover:

> 10 Snow

>10 Arthur Owens.

Scramble surname, you get Snow plus change, but maybe that's irrelevant.

This sort of parochial rubbish might be known to obsessed
British-Australians yearning for `Home', but not to me (aside from Mir):

                            Question 18: 1 New car licence numbers; 2 Mir
                             space station; 3 Des O'Connor (autobiography,
                             Bananas Can't Fly); 4 River Tyne (Millennium
                             Bridge, The Eyelid); 5 Glenalmond; 6 brain (BSE
                             research); 7 Ian Woosnam's; 8 St Catharine's
                             College, Cambridge; 9 Hull crown court (trial of
                             Leeds United footballers); 10 Prince Charles
                             (slapped with flower in Riga).

I did get 5 of the 10 Q. 6 options right, and should have done better.

Damien Broderick

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