Christmas Quiz results (was "this quiz'll crottle your greeps")

From: Chris Hibbert (
Date: Sat Feb 02 2002 - 20:21:52 MST

The results of the Christmas Quiz are out (
I only got one answer right of the ones I hazarded on my own. One of the ones
I chimed in on (Lone Star's flower) was incorrect. It should have been
Bluebonnet. I didn't notice any of our Texans correcting us on that.

The whole thing leaves me with almost as many questions as answers.
Other than the sections that are obviously obvious only to Brits (and
others who still have ties to the empire, Damien?) and the themes that
were made apparent by the answers (blue, fish, Victoria), can anyone cast
more light with the answers in hand?

Here's one we should have known, or at least should remember:

3.6 according to Swift, what every man desires to do is "live long".

And what is section 13 about?

13 Uncover:

 1 Tate
 2 Hero
 3 Garbo
 4 Cicero
 5 Tramp
 6 Tricycle
 7 Sniper
 8 Artist
 9 Sonia
 10 Snow

Answers: 1 Wulf Schmidt; 2 Oleg Penkovsky; 3 Juan Pujol Garcia;
 4 Elyesa Bazna; 5 William G Sebold; 6 Dusko Popov; 7 Michal
   Goleniawski; 8 Jonny Jebsen; 9 Ursula Kuczynski; 10 Arthur Owens.


Chris Hibbert

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