RE: Meme Replications ERP and Time Travel (Memetics list Cross-Post)

Date: Sat Feb 02 2002 - 15:44:58 MST

Apparently by John Croft <> Meme Replications ERP and
Time Travel
>Scientists at Bell Labs have found out a way to use
>this effect to create a teleportation process. Thus
>two interacting particles A and B separate, Particle
>A meets a third particle (C) which is to be copied and
>translocated. It is scanned and information on its
>position is beamed using the FTL (faster than light)
>ERP effect to the other particle. If position is
>beamed the ERP would carry the remaining (uncertainty)
>information to position D (a point on the trajectory
>of particle B. At point D particle A (the one to be
>trasported) is reassembled. Ergo - translocation and
>a new replicator is born.

This is not an accurate description of quantum teleportation. There are
two forms of information involved, a classical measurement which is sent
the old-fashioned way, slower than light, and some quantum information
which seems to get there in a mysterious way. Some people say the quantum
information goes FTL, some say it goes back in time and then forward.
David Deutsch showed that in a certain sense it could be thought of as
piggybacking invisibly on the classical information.

So while there is a mysterious component to quantum teleportation, the
description above where "position is beamed using the FTL ERP effect"
is not right. Position is sent normally and then the remaining quantum
information gets there somehow. The net result is that the entire
information transfer is never FTL.


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