RE: Solving World Problems: Hunger --> cell phones

From: John Casey (
Date: Thu Jan 31 2002 - 15:20:42 MST

>I think that the list's resident Singapore resident can probably speak
>the effects that cellphones have had on his citystate. I've spoken with
>of the companies based there (such as Edgematrix) in the process of my
>and it's as much a high-tech hub and center of exciting social
>as Northern California.

Totally, superior in some respects. SMS is everywhere. The disappointment is
that it's never used for social evolution - that would end up outlawed
probably - but rather for boy-and-girl stuff almost exclusively. San
Franciscans do it too of course, but there's more to say than just "c u @ d
usual plc" if you want to.

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