Re: `posthuman' antho

From: Andrew Clough (
Date: Thu Jan 31 2002 - 14:43:59 MST

>(i've read a fire upon the deep by vinge, brian stableford's future
>history, and i'm slowly
>getting through everything of stephen baxter's, but i really havn't read
>as much as i
>should've. up till i was about 15 i read mostly fantasy and horror, (with
>a year or so of
>being obsessed with larry niven and a few years of harlan ellison), and
>once i got big into
>sci-fi it was mostly cyberpunk..)
>cheshire morgan. we all create life, some of us with wombs,
> some with smiles, some with patient hands.
> we are all gods, if we choose to be.
> -kitten.
I think that cyberpunk fiction can easily be transhuman, just look at

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