Re: Mina Loy and her 'Aphorisms on Futurism'

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Date: Thu Jan 31 2002 - 06:19:55 MST

2002.01.30 07:45:29, "scerir" <> wrote:

> 'Ara, Mara, Amara'
<snip poem>

i googled "aldo palazzeschi AND ara, mara, amara" and got two reading lists for an italian
doctorate at columbia that included it, two pages in japanese (which i know better than
italian, but not by very much), and one page in italian. havn't a clue what it says.

i don't trust machine translation with something as fragile as poetry.

so, what's it mean?

cheshire morgan. we all create life, some of us with wombs,
                        some with smiles, some with patient hands.
                        we are all gods, if we choose to be.

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