Re: Selfishness Report

Date: Sun Jan 27 2002 - 07:32:28 MST

Me said:
>>Rand's view that selfishness is a virtue is still, conceptually, to be
>>demonstrated; even though many on this list love that idea. Here is
>>research, giving evidence to the contrary of Randian philosophy (again,
>>perhaps flawed). Yet, many people on this list accept Rand's views on
>>selfishness, as if it were an absolute.

cryofan observed:
>Mainstream libertarianism (as it grew out of Randism, etc) may be
>mainly about justification for the successful who would need a
>psychological basis for social contract debt erasure.

Well all 'social contracts' should be voluntary, and I am never one to
discourage investment in goods, services, and new technologies. We need newer
and better technologies in the fields of energy development, polution
fighting, human health, transportation, housing, resource production, and
space travel. Unfortunately, the view is muddy, on which is the best way
forward for new technology developments, private or public. And yes,
Libertarians tend to underestimate the impact of unemployment and inflation.
Hence, people are reluctant to elect them, so far :-O

Oh my, the Emporer is buck-naked. (blush)

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