Re: Selfishness Report

Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 10:48:03 MST

Several years ago a British entrepenuer got screwed-over by his accountant
(who subsequently did pokey-time) but the entrpenuer owed Inland Revenue
Service a fortune-his fortune. The Entrpenuer, now much poorer, rebuilt his
business, but never to the heights it was previously. So entrepenuership
often is a matter of business accumen, friendships, reputation, knowledge,
determination, experience, hard work, and LUCK.

Same businessman, same business, made his fortune, got ripped-off by his
accountant, somewhat different results. Lesser results. To whit: a kind of
social darwinism can be concluded and celebrated by extreme randians

"If your rich they think you really know" ~Tevye the Milkman, Fiddler of the
Roof ;-)


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