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Date: Sun Jan 27 2002 - 06:32:11 MST

>It certainly contradicts Rands world-wiew.


First read Rand. She explains somewhere how
important reputation is in a free economy and
how regulation undermines the function of reputation.


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> My reason for submission of the article to this newgroup is the
proposition that the notion that this is a university study, and quite
possibly more, authoratative, then Ayn Rand's personal philosophy, as merely
an immaginitive, writer. Or is this a flawed or biased study? It certainly
contradicts Rands world-wiew.
> Animated, Quipped:
> <<since when are cooperation and selfishness mutually exclusive? it would
> not-selfish if
> they gave more in the public game without expecting to get anything in
> for it later...
> but in the tests without the indirect game, they did not give as much in
> public game,
> because there was no return. how is that not selfish?
> or maybe i just read too much ayn rand.>>

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