Re: Selfishness Report

Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 20:02:45 MST

My reason for submission of the article to this newgroup is the proposition that the notion that this is a university study, and quite possibly more, authoratative, then Ayn Rand's personal philosophy, as merely an immaginitive, writer. Or is this a flawed or biased study? It certainly contradicts Rands world-wiew.

Animated, Quipped:
<<since when are cooperation and selfishness mutually exclusive? it would be
not-selfish if
they gave more in the public game without expecting to get anything in return
for it later...
but in the tests without the indirect game, they did not give as much in the
public game,
because there was no return. how is that not selfish?

or maybe i just read too much ayn rand.>>

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