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From: Simon McClenahan (
Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 16:13:07 MST

From: "Emlyn O'regan" <>

> Mike Lorrey wrote:
> > Man is not an automaton, and the 40 hour work week is the last vestige
> > of industrial tyranny over the individual.
> I hear you, Mike. Oh yeah. :-(

The concept of separating "work" from "real life" is reinforced by the X
hour work week. For whatever reason, most people seem to think that these
categories of tasks must be separated, at all costs. People who enjoy their
work-time tend to blend it with non-work time much more than say the 9-5
shift worker.

Personally, if I go to work as a street sweeper, I'm going to be the best
damn street sweeper I can possibly be, unless the money I get is lousy and I
know I can get more doing another job. But when I get home and I have to
clean the bathroom, I'm not getting money, I'm getting satisfaction of
maintenance of a nice bathroom (and my wife stops nagging me for a while).
To me, there is no distinction between my street sweeper or computer
programming job, and my bathroom maintenance duties at home, regardless of
any cash transaction. I find life (and "work" at my job) is much easier when
I don't have the internal conflict of whether I am spending too little or
too much time on a particular task based on it's artificial category of
"work" and "life".

To paraphrase Mike, cleaning the bathroom is the last vestige of pregnant
women over their husbands. Just do it the best you can, get over it, because
you waste more time arguing or resenting the fact that you have to do it
than if you just give up your artificial categorizations.


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