RE: NANO: Casimir force a source of energy/propulsion?

From: Colin Hales (
Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 16:04:27 MST


Michael Dickey wrote

> How might one extract energy from quantum
> fluctuations? And if you could, could you get usuable energy without
> increasing the entropy in the universe and thus avoiding heat death?
> Michael

Like this, only really little!

If you measure something, you affect it - especially in quantum mechanics.
How can the Casimir based transducer not be removing something from the
plank scale froth? We get information as a result of the measurement.
Hawking radiation can happen: separation of particles at the event horizon
(gravity). This may be a kind of mechanical equivalent.

There was another article in Sciam about rain making a car go uphill
(pumping the brake randomly = ratchet). I couldn't find it though. Maybe
someone else can.

This is another one of those delightful "almost looks like something really
good, if I can live long enough to see it" type of phenomena (remember the
"quantum head job" thread?).


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