Re: Healthcare (was Re: John in Alaska)

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 09:15:43 MST

Randy Smith wrote:
> >From: Mike Lorrey <>
> >
> >As for my own life extension plans, I'd rather invest my life savings in
> >cryonic suspension than in staving off the 'old timers disease' for a
> >year or two. I've just gone through a year of dealing with the
> >grandmonsters at the end stage (grandma Burnett died a couple months ago
> >after years of light senility and recent hip and arm fractures, and
> >grandpa Burnett is still a nearly comatose alzheimers patient here in
> >town, and likely will be for several years), and as my grandma Lorrey
> >said recently, "If I ever get like that, take me out behind the barn and
> >shoot me."
> >
> >In my case, shoot me full of suspension fluid.
> Didn't you say you were leaving the list? Well, please don't. You make a lot
> of sense....more than many others on this list....

No, that was JR who is leaving the list.

> Yes, I also very much would prefer the chance to be suspended before age
> steals personhood from me....but are there any cryonicists who would not say
> the same....and who takes this oppurtunity from us? Our own brethren, our
> fellow citizens. However, I think that polls show that somewhat over 50% of
> all US voters favor legalized is the politicians who would
> stop us.

I am pretty confident that immortality will be achieved before I reach
that stage. Average life expectancy for my grandmonsters generation is
at least in the 80's for my family, and I just turned 34 on the 19th, so
I've got another 40-50 years to go before I have to worry about mental
decay. If we haven't achieved practical immortality by then, then all of
our predictions are out the window anyways.

Now, I'm not currently signed up for cryonics, mostly because I'm
unemployed and broke at the moment, but I've been saying for a while
that anything likely to kill me at this age is also likely to leave my
brain matter in poor condition, but I expect to get signed up as soon as
I regain employment.

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