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> It's important also to bear in mind Robin Hanson's criticisms of the
> notion that "health care" actually improves health in any way. He pointed
> to studies showing that providing unlimited health care benefits to
> individuals actually did not improve objective measures of health other
> than some minor things like getting their teeth fixed. They didn't live
> longer, they didn't get sick any less, they didn't have better quality
> of life. Robin also argued that the enhancements in health and longevity
> over the past century do not correlate clearly with the advances in
> medicine which are often credited with the improvements. Places with
> the newest technology and rapid adoption of new health treatments do
> not generally have healthier people than more backwards regions (this
> is within the U.S. I think).
Do you have a url for this?
> I really miss Robin's absence from the list.
He's been regularly absent here.

> I know it is not polite
> to say so, but I would gladly give up JR's 50 posts a week for one of
> Robin's.
That is terribly rude of you. Although I suppose we should be glad that you
weren't so rude as to mention a few other names around here that should be
added to this list.

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