Greed: Don't Bail Out the Enron Employees

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Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 05:07:03 MST

Greed by Roland Watson

Reading the commentaries and opinions of various people on the collapse
of Enron was a salutary lesson to me in how prejudice and ignorance so
easily taints one's conclusions about the world around them. To wit, I
am referring to those critics of capitalism who are gleefully telling us
how the loss of Enron jobs and retirement funds is a proof of the
failure of the capitalist system. Or, as they often try to drum into us,
capitalism equals greed equals capitalism...

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Daniel Ust

"Despite the comparatively favorable portrait presented of monarchy [in
_Democracy -- The God that Failed_], I am not a monarchist and the
following is not a defense of monarchy. Instead, the position I take
toward monarchy is this: _If_ one must have state, defined as an agency
that exercises a compulsory territorial monopoly of ultimate
decisionmaking (jurisdiction) and of taxation, then it is economically
and ethically advantageous to choose monarchy over democracy. But this
leaves open whether or not a state is necessary, i.e., if there exists
an alternative to both, monarchy and democracy." -- Hans-Hermann Hoppe,
_Democracy -- The God that Failed: The Economics and Politics of
Monarchy, Democracy, and Natural Order_, p xx

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