Re: Anders response to "Politics of Transhumanism"

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Date: Sat Jan 19 2002 - 15:01:00 MST

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> (I'm not sure about this attribution:
> Forrest Bishop" <> ?)
> >> Scholarly consensus enables supreme control of the general will
> >> in preparing for submission to the shared aspirations of a
> >> participatory global security landscape. Facilitation of
> >> cooperation rests on a solid foundation of collective strength
> >> under the generous, charismatic leadership of esteemed public
> >> policy savants in order to actualize the infrastructure of a
> >> global governance regime.
> Is that paragraph really something said by a thinking human
> being? It reads like computer-generated prose fed by a database
> of old issues of /Social Text/ or something. If this is typical
> of the output of a certain organization, I see no reason to
> take that organization seriously.

It was generated by copping phrases from various books and online references (see next post), then pasting them together in
semi-logical order, much the same as the UN Declaration of Human Rights and Agenda 21 were. It occured to me as well this process
can be automated.


Forrest Bishop
Chairman, Institute of Atomic-Scale Engineering

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