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> <<Thank you for this deeply resonant and progressive discourse. The selfless
> sharing fosters mutual respect and tolerance of our
> interdependent social consciousness, moral education, and character
> formation.

Yeow, sounds like somebody blew some deeply resonant chunks. We found this reply rather amusing (well, actually I was busting a gut,
okay?). Than you for the 'k'.

> Scholarly consensus enables supreme control of the general will in
> preparing for submission to the shared aspirations of a
> participatory global security landscape. Facilitation of cooperation rests
> on a solid foundation of collective strength under the
> generous, charismatic leadership of esteemed public policy savants in order
> to actualize the infrastructure of a global governance
> regime.
> - --
> Forrest Bishop
> Chairman, Institute of Atomic-Scale Engineering
> Have you been snorting Marx again?

Yeah, lined out some Mao and jagged a couple matchheads of Rousseau, too.

> Yeeeeeesh.
> Tell me this was a joke, or a dream, or a joke IN a dream!
> Assuming it was serious.. I'd like to say that I will ABANDON
> any society which actually tried the above. I would rather
> be a navel-staring Daoist doing tai chi on a beach than live
> in the world described above.

  It is the prospective beach-users solemn responsibility to submit an Application for Beach Access License, Environmental Impact
Statement, and Application for Land Use Permit, along with the appropriate submission fees. The State has created beaches for the
shared enjoyment of all its citizens, not just the selfish few.
Detailed instructions on preparing for submission for permission to be licensed and regulated can be found at any of the thousands
of local, county, regional, state, provincial, interregional, national, and international bureaus.

****Citizen alert****
Citizens shall be on alert for persons behaving in abnormal manner, and report all suspicious behavior to the proper authorities.
Antisocial Dao-extremists are known to be lurking around waterfront areas engaging in martial arts terrorist training. Failure to
notify law enforcement officers may be construed as complicity.

Have a nice day: it's the law.

Forrest Bishop
Chairman, Institute of Atomic-Scale Engineering

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